Chicago Cubs

Kerry Wood Calls it a Career (VIDEO)

Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs
Strike Three!!! They're outta here!!!

On Friday the Chicago Cubs lost a member of the roster and a player that will always be remembered for one of the finest performances by a rookie in the history of baseball. After 14 seasons that saw him on the DL 13 times, Kerry Wood decided enough was enough and retired from the game of baseball.

Wood burst onto the baseball scene back in 1998 as a 20-year old rookie when he tied a MLB record by recording 20 strikeouts in a single game in just his fifth start (tying Roger Clemens’ record). The Houston Astros only had two base runners the entire day, a single by Ricky Gutierrez and Wood hit Craig Biggio with a pitch.


Cincinnati Reds Join Elite Club

There are certain clubs that most people (or at least guys) are eager to join; the Auto Club, the Beer of the Month Club, the Bacon of the Month Club (you know you’d join) and the Mile High Club just to name a few.

Exclusivity is not mandatory, but it is cool to know that you’ve done something or gone somewhere that few have gone before. Well, on Friday the Cincinnati Reds gained entry into one of the most prestigious and exclusive clubs that Major League Baseball has to offer.

The 10,000 Wins Club.