Katie Cassidy Bikinis In A Polka Dot Thong Poolside In Miami

Arrow star Katie Cassidy was turning on more than just nerds who watch her show with this tiny polka dot thong bikini in Miami. I’ve only seen Arrow a couple of times but I did notice that Katie has a pretty righteous quiver herself, if you know what I mean. Her funbags are large and, I’ll go ahead and say it, voluptuous. You can see some amazing cleav in these pictures as the bikini tries desperately to keep her ta-tas from springing forth. But the real news is Katie’s booty. The thong bikini leaves her cheeks out in almost complete view. She’s got a tight, perfect derriere. It’s the kind of thumper that one would like to either smack or kiss or both. But you refrain so you don’t get put in jail. Hands off, fellas.

I think I’m going to start watching that Arrow show more so I can ogle Katie. The problem is that she’s always fully clothed in her scientist get-up or whatever. May I suggest to the producers that they might relocate the show to Hawaii or something. Surely there is crime there that Green Arrow can take care of. That way you can always have Katie in a bikini.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Natasha Barnard Is Scorching Hot And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Natasha Barnard makes bikini modelling look so easy…and sexy. (Popoholic)

OK, so Mariah Carey had some trouble singing, but her boobs worked just fine. (TMZ)

The Kardashian girls welcome the holidays by giving me a yule log in my pants. (Huffington Post)

Chrissy Teigen flashes her panties and it is wonderful. (Drunken Stepfather)

I’ve missed seeing Whitney Port in a bikini. (Hollywood Tuna)

Lindsay Lohan uses her crotch to sell clothes. (The Superficial)

Sexy Monica Bellucci is the new Bond girl. (COED)

Colombian Model Daniela Lopez Osorio Strips Down for Beach Bunny Swimwear

The lovely Daniela Lopez Osorio once again showed why she is one of the hottest up and coming models in the world with her, well, hotness. She did a photo spread for Beach Bunny Swimwear and lord almighty is it ever sexy. She’s got a pair of funbags on her the likes of which one rarely sees in the wild. Being a professional boob ogler is a tough job. It’s difficult in the sense that it desensitizes you to the wonders of boobdom. That’s why I enjoy it whenever Daniela comes across my desk. She reminds me why I got into the boob ogling business in the first place. She’s also got a wickedly toned abdomen. Seriously, she could crush walnuts with those abs…or…my heart.

It makes me very sad that scantily clad season is over where I live in New York. I really have to move to a place where it is warm enough for ladies to go out in bikinis and short shorts year round.

Photo Credit: GSI / Beach Bunny

Laura Cremaschi Sports A Blue Bikini In Miami

Italian model and international diplomat of hotness Laura Cremaschi sported a blue bikini in Miami Beach. The bikini barely covered her nips and showed off tons of cleavage and plenty of lovely sideboob. I don’t know if it’s the pasta or what but the Italians sure know how to make a hot body. Laura’s funbags are like two lovely balls of fun that I would like to see more of them. In addition to the top being so revealing, the bottom shows off her…well…bottom. Laura’s booty is nothing short of spectacular. She must do a lot of pilates or whatever to keep those trouser puppies looking so amazing. It also looks like Laura caught the photographer taking pictures of her and started modeling for the camera. She did a series of sexy poses that people just don’t do if they aren’t on a photo shoot.

It’s a testament to her professionalism as a model that she is willing to pose for pictures even when she’s on vacation.

Laura Cremaschi Is Flirty In A Pink And Blue Ruffle Bikini

Italian hottie Laura Cremaschi is cute and sexy in a pink and blue ruffled bikini in Miami. The showgirl’s bikini accentuates her cannolis under waves of tiny fabric. Laura’s lovely breasticles are the right amount of perky and firm. Italy is seriously considering registering them as national treasures along with the Colosseum and Michelangelo’s statues of naked dudes. But the real news is how her booty looks in these pics. I appreciate a girl who isn’t afraid to show off her assets. Her spicy meatballs are almost completely visible and covered with wet sand. There is something so friggin’ hot about a sandy butt. It makes me think of summer fun and sun and not having to go to school.

Oh, to be that pool noodle. I’d like to get wrapped around those perfect abs and boobi balls. Styrofoam has all the fun.

Ana Braga Shows Of Nips In Miami


Brazilian model and nudity enthusiast Ana Braga showed off her funbags in Miami. Ana was sunbathing in a skimpy purple bikini when she decided to take her top off. One does not want tan lines, does one? That would ruin the lovely symmetry of her skin or whatever. She then treated everyone in Miami Beach to an eyeful of her sideboob. Normally, that would be enough but Ana’s ladies had more in store. When she pulled herself up on her towel her nips shone through brighter than the Florida sunshine. This shows that she is not only a hot model but also a humanitarian. It’s all about what you give back to those less fortunate than you. People like us that just want a little nip slip action before lunch. It aids in the digestion.

Ana has appeared in several of the South American Playboys and other gentleman’s magazines. She is in Miami a lot and apparently likes to sunbathe like this quite often. How come when I go to Miami Beach all I ever see on the beach is old wrinkled Cuban ladies that look like my aunts and muscular shirtless dudes on rollerblades? Am I going to the wrong part of the island?

Paige Butcher Bikini Photos Are Blonde and Wet and Hot All Over

Paige Butcher has quite the mighty nice bikini body. Not on show this week in Miami like the rest of the world, but in Maui with boyfriend Eddie Murphy and his daughters in another bikini filled new blended family adventure. I must imagine as future stepmom, Paige sets quite the high bar for her now much younger future stepdaughters, flaunting her finely toned bikini body in tiny little low strung two pieces that show off her workouts, naturally superior genetics, and a neat waxing job for Eddie. Paige butcher is the stepmom I always wanted. I’m not so sure if Eddie’s daughters feel the same.

Paige, call me, we can role play. I’ve been very bad. Enjoy.