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Thank God It’s Funbags! Hot Lilly Gets Nekkid in the Big Brother Shower for Voyeuristic Soapy Goodness (VIDEO)


Oh, heavenly Friday, only by a mile perhaps the best day of the week, what with the anticipation and release factors involve. Though, I caution you, please do not do the release part until you've cleared the building, you don't want that kind of rep around your place of work or study.

In the meanwhile, to help you feel clean again, how about Lilly from Big Brother Germany, a land where Big Brother voyeurism actually means something voyeruring, taking a shower and soaping up her hot nekkid form for the benefit of spying eyes everywhere. I'm not saying it's a polite or gentlemanly thing to peep on a girl taking a shower, but if the cameras are rolling, what's a man to do? Look away? Nay, sir, that'd be an insult to this fair haired Germanic beauty. Show your manners! Thank God It's Funbags!

Bettie Ballhause Soaps Her Magnificent Mams on Big Brother for Ta-Ta-Tuesday (VIDEO)


I've been accused by many of you for being obsessed with the large-breasted women on Big Brother Germany soaping and showering themselves on TV. And, I must say, those accusations hurt. It hurts just how well you know me!

I've grown somewhat tired of the diatribe about how reality shows are so much better overseas than in the U.S. where the only worthwhile segments are censored out so as not to offend people from 1635. I'll never give up the fight, but I think I've now moved into mostly pure straight appreciation mode.

Appreciating Big Brother contestants like Bettie Ballhaus who loves herself a good shower. While I consider myself something of an environmentalist, I mean, I do throw my plastic bottles in the blue bin, I believe that there should be no limit to the amount of water girls like Bettie should be allowed to use in the shower. If she wanted to soap and rinse her funbags for 40 hours straight, fine. People on less fortunate continents can go without H20 for a while. Bettie's boobtastic must be served. Enjoy.

Annina Ucatis Flashes Her Big Sisters on Big Brother (VIDEO)


Oh, enough of me already whining like your mom about how reality shows are so much better overseas. We still have the Doritos Taco here and that ought to be enough to fuel our national pride. What we need, according to EgoReader 'Vaughn' is a whole lot more of Annina Ucatis, who we featured before in one of our reality show rants. Annina is the very big star of Big Brother Germany, Season 9, for, let's say, her love of taking showers and the things she was washing in the shower.

Annina is hard to miss when she steps out of the shower. I could literally feel my Big Brother awaking. Check her out and then call your local cable operator and complain about something. Maybe things will change here, someday. Enjoy.

Yep, Big Brother Europe Still Kicking Our Ass With Big Bare Shower Time Funbags


Forget all this competing on the world stage in education nonsense. As a nation, we will never be tops again until we figure out how to get bodacious bare boobs into our standard TV fare.

Yes, craptastic reality shows will always be banal and recycled and fake. But with the presence of some fabulous shower and bath and bedroom time funbags, they could become watchable. As they are in most of the rest of the world. Today, in Europe, where we sneak a peek at Amanda String on Denmark Big Brother and Annina Ucatis on Germany Big Brother, both showing us their big sisters. In Annina's case, her mighty big sisters. Suddenly, crap has been turned into gold. That's an impressive bit of alchemy our fair nation currently lacks.

Please, write your Congressperson or reality TV show producing neighbor. We need an upgrade badly. Enjoy.

Is Even Big Brother Africa Better Than Our Big Brother? Topless Shower Scenes Say Yes It Is (VIDEO)


You know my long winded and tired rants about how reality shows are far better overseas than in the U.S. thanks to much more liberal views on nudity and sex on the small screen in foreign countries. But with all the evidence I've shown you, you're probably just thinking to yourself, oh, that's just liberal Europe, or the cultural norms of South America. Well, how about Africa.

Yep, even Big Brother Africa (which you probably didn't even know existed. They've got the ladies from Nairobi and Ethiopia and six other African nations competing in their current season. And they love to take showers and baths. And the cameras just keep on rolling.

Come on, America. We can fall behind in math and reading, but if we lose out to the rest of the world in ta-ta's on television, then I need to start asking how we can call ourselves a world leader any longer. Enjoy.

Johanna Pulkkinen for A Finnish Reminder That Big Brother Is So Much Better Overseas


Not to beat a dead horse with a hot Finn, but sometimes we like to go to the well over and over again when that trip involves seeing some of the nekkid awesomeness that occurs on the overseas editions of some of the reality shows we'd always imagined would be so much better if they just showed a little more skin. And, in Finland, among other places, they already do.

Take for instance, Johanna Pulkkinen, contestant in the latest edition of Big Brother Finland. Just wicked showery nekkid hot. Hey, I  don't care if you're in a frat house or the Big Brother House, at some point, you've got to rinses yourself off. And if you happen to be a sexy reality show contestant, I want to see that. To deny us that view is to deny the very hottest potential premise of your show, Big Brother U.S. producers! Well, my rant is done. Back to watching Johanna drop the soap. Enjoy.

Lacey Banghard Lets the Big Brother Door Hit Her Where the Good Lord Split Her


I'm still not quite clear on the rules of Big Brother U.K., except for the fact they seem to really like to kick the hot, topless glamour models out of their house as quickly as possible. Of course, this makes little sense to us. We can't imagine ever telling a super boobtastic hottie like Lacey Banghard to leave our house. In fact, she'd have trouble getting through the various locks and wood beams and crow bars we'd set up to prevent her departure. But, such is the nature of reality shows and their audience.

However, before Lacey Banghard goes not gentle into the goodnight from the Big Brother house, take a look at a gallery of some of her finer, including topless glorious moments on the silly show. Enjoy.