AFC-NFC Pro Bowl

The NFL Decides That the Pro Bowl Will Live On

We’ve been discussing the fate of the NFL Pro Bowl around here for a while. After this year’s debacle/sham of a game, its fate was sort of in limbo. Players weren’t even playing half-speed as they understandably don’t want to get hurt in a meaningless all-star game that fans don’t seem to care about.

Today the NFL and the NFL Players Association announced that the Pro Bowl will be back next year, played in Hawaii on the weekend before the Super Bowl. Yay? Will You Watch? »

The Pro Bowl is Back?

When the news broke some time ago that the NFL was considering putting a merciful end to the woeful AFC-NFC Pro Bowl there was not much of an argument raised against the idea.

Let’s face it–the game sucks. Some players have been fond of the event (a free trip to Hawaii) while others could not be bothered to attend if their lives depended on it. Therein lies the problem. The best of the best get voted in, but rarely end up playing making it more of a mediocre event rather than an all-star one.


The NFL is Finally Considering Killing off the Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl has long been considered a joke. Guys don’t want to get hurt, so they don’t go full speed, it becomes a glorified game of flag football. Now the league has heard the criticism, especially after this year’s embarrassment of a game, and is considering taking the game off life support.

ESPN reports that the Pro Bowl could be ‘suspended’ but why even try to keep the thing alive? The players don’t try, which is understandable. However it was so bad this year, that even Aaron Rodgers was calling out guys for giving such little effort.

More than anything else, the players who get selected are just looking for the free trip to Hawaii. They can all afford it, so let them pay their own way from now on.

Article by Eric Gray

What Professional Sport has the Best All-Star Event?

All-star games get mixed reviews from fans, but the fact remains that they are very much a part of every professional team sport in existence. On paper the idea seems great; you bring the most talented players in the sport together and have them play a game. The end result should be pretty amazing—best of the best playing and all–right?

Sadly, that is not always the case. Sometimes the best don’t play like the best. Sometimes the best don’t play at all and the game is filled with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices. Sometimes the game, for lack of a better word–sucks. Lucky for fans, some leagues have put their own spin on their respective all-star event to try to make it entertaining.