Sylvie Meis Butt Grabbing Bikini Beach Visit in Miami

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aldo-vallon - January 2, 2019

What a sickening display of affection by these two. Why can’t some couples keep themselves under control while they are in public? I do not care how much you care about your significant other, you should have the common decency to act like you are miserable around them like the rest of us do. We do not need them rubbing our faces in their healthy relationship.

Actually, having my face rubbed on Sylvie Meis wouldn’t be the worst thing that I can think of, so long as my girlfriend wasn’t looking.

There have been times where I was treated like a piece of meat just as Sylvie is being treated here. I hated every minute of it, but the woman wouldn’t take no for an answer. She just kept on saying she was a doctor and that it was totally normal during a sport’s physical. I still have my doubts about that. It wasn’t the first time a smooth talking girl tried getting into my pants by trying to get me to lower my guard. From that point on I started doubling up on the underwear for all doctor appointments as an extra layer of defense.


Photo Credit: MEGA