Doutzen Kroes Neon Hot and Wet Bikini Killer Photos

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bill-swift - April 25, 2017

It's nearly impossible to put into words my longing and lust for Dutch former V.S. Angel Doutzen Kroes and her MILFtastic female form ever on display. Without words, I mostly express my feelings of overwhelming passion with a series of grunts and mule kicks. It's hard to watch I admit for newcomers, but I like to think it arouses and animal spirit within the objects of my lust such as Doutzen.

The ridiculously hot bodied lingerie and swimsuit model appears to be ever posing, even when not posing. It's her natural state of being to look like she's on the cover of a swimwear magazine. She has covered many so it's only natural. The things her wet body does to me ought to be illegal. Also mandatory and if I may desperately say, imposed upon me immediately. The very best kind of waterboarding. I'll be left with no secrets save one. How I managed to get Doutzen to say my name, and not in court while pointing a finger in my direction. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News