Stephanie Seymour Sheer White Wet Bikini Pictures Kick Up the Oedpial Heat on Taboo Island

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bill-swift - December 28, 2011

At this point, I'm prepared to take all blame and responsibility away from the the teen sons of Stephanie Seymour. Seriously, damn the superficialities of civilized society, what on earth are two young males of the species to do when mom struts about the beach at forty-three years of age in a sheer white and wet swimsuit looking this crazy hot? Okay, yes, there is the private cabanas for more discreet taboo fantasy resolutions, but this is just off the hook. Stephanie Seymour is one fine specimen of motherhood, and she's not shy about showing it off, to her boys, to the public, to the world. This veteran minx knows exactly what she's doing; you don't just choose the sheer white barely there bathing suit off the rack at Target without much thought. Oh, no, this took some modeling in the mirror time, perhaps with the boys outside the dressing room offering their thumbs up (yes, I said, 'thumbs'). 

But, we digress. Watching Stephanie Seymour undress and frolic through the sand and surf, flashing her mama muff beneath her suit, her full wet bosom shining in the sun. Well, let's just say my prayers for a late term adoption remain strong. Please, Stephanie, take me in! Any port in the sextastic storm. Enjoy.