Stephanie Seymour Continues Her Bikini Curve Hot Mama Vacation

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bill-swift - March 22, 2011

Stephanie Seymour is delivering an entire college course on places to fold, bend, and wedge your bikini for hot beach moms everywhere (including those who still bring milk and cookies into their teen boys rooms each evening; and by 'milk and cookies' I mean... nevermind). The Stephanie Seymour see-more bikini vacation pictures continue to roll in from Taboo Island in the French West Indies and the MILF model shows that she's still got it going on, in fact, she's got it going on in places she didn't even used to necessarily have it going on. The extra bit of fluff just makes her bottomside and boobside that much more delightful, in this soft-landing zone lovers humble opinion at least. Enjoy.

Photo credit: INF Photo