Stallone Didn’t Hear No Bell: Another Goddamn Rocky!?

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bill-swift - July 26, 2013

Ok, so it's not actually another Rocky. It's more of a spin off. Uh, yeah...a spin off.

Deadline reported yesterday that Sylvester Stallone has another movie with Rocky Balboa in the works. Apparently, it will follow Apollo Creed's grandson (also bearing the surname Creed) as he gets into the boxing game. In a shocking turn of dramatic tension, Creed's family, who is still wealthy from the senior Creed's pugilism dollars, doesn't want him to box. At that point, in comes a shockingly-still-alive Rocky to mentor the kid.

Why should anyone give a shit? Well, the younger Creed will be played by Fruitvale Station's  Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle, Friday Night Lights, and...The Wire). Hopefully, it will be a true spin-off and most of the attention will go to the spectacular acting skills of Mr. Jordan and not to Rocky's utterly craptastic mentoring skills (Tommy Gunn anyone?).

Look, I'm not saying that I won't go out and see it -- I just need to be sure that it will have a boss montage scene that eclipses Stallone's run up a Russian mountain.

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