Squeeze ‘Em, But Don’t Suck ‘Em: Boobies Soap Dispenser

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bill-swift - October 10, 2013

So this here is a soap dispenser that's inspired by the best part of the female anatomy. Well, for clarity, we mean the best part on the upper half (because what's down below probably ties for first.)

This kooky soap dispenser looks like actual t'ts, but it's a shame that it doesn't feel like actual fun bags. Then again, it would probably be creepy on so many levels if it actually did feel like the real thing...

Hit the break for the uncensored NSFW pic of the soap dispensing tatas.

Man, just look at those perky nips.

I'm sure you'll never have any difficulty pumping soap out of these babies. Assuming you've already had enough practice, that is.

Get It: $35+

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