(SPOILERS) The Most Shocking TV Moments of 2012 from TV Shows Worth Watching

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bill-swift - December 29, 2012

Yeah, sorry that whatever whacky scene from Two and a Half Men or Two Broke Girls you've been yucking over all year didn't make our list, but this is the TV you should be watching.  And while Lena Dunham's nude scenes from Girls didn't make the cut, I do admit that having to stare at that body gyrating around like a jello mold left out in the sun for two days was rather shocking. Fortunately, that notwithstanding, 2012 was full of two things: One)Lindsay Lohan just barely not getting thrown in jail; And Two) Plenty of shocking moments on almost every cool TV show. So there were plenty of great revelations, deaths and (in one bizarre case thanks to Game of Thrones) births to choose from.

Again, there are a lot of SPOILERS ahead in the gallery, so if you're one of those people who wait for shows to come out on DVD to catch up, or you aren't smart enough to bum off your parents' HBO GO subscription, you may want to bookmark this and come back when you've finally caught up like the rest of us.

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