Spine Vodka: Got the Backbone for This?

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bill-swift - September 21, 2013

Do you have the nerve to try out Spine Vodka? It's aptly named based on the conceptual packaging that it's bottled in. As you can see, each bottle will actually have a miniature spine and ribcage crammed into it. Apparently German designer Johannes Schulz's goal with his unusual bottle design is to 'convey the idea that the alcoholic beverage has a real backbone that buyers can trust.'

Yeah, okay, if you say so.

Most notable is the wording on the bottle: 76% alcohol or 152 proof. Even knowing that makes me excited, and this thing isn't even real. But don't you kind of wish it was? If not for the alcohol, then for the coolness factor that it's going to add to your collection.

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