Sofia Richie Eyes On Her Cherry

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aldo-vallon - October 25, 2018

There is always something about seeing a woman in a wig that gives me a slight case of the heebie-jeebies. When a woman has her real hair there is no need to worry about what lies underneath it. You already know. But when a gal has a wig on, any number of things could be under there. It could be a bald scalp. It could be another wig. Or it could be her real hair.

That last option has more on the line than anything. The other ones are easily changeable, but her real hair is the real hair. You both can only run from it for so long, and then you’re stuck with it. What if you found she has, like, straight hair or something as equally horrifying? I would probably just leave. I do not care what is on the line, whether it be sex, marriage, or ever seeing my kids again. Discovering deceit as treacherous as that is something that not even HYDRA is capable of.

Fortunately, I know the hair that is hiding under Sofia’s hair, so I can overcome those typical feelings. But if she ever betrays that trust by shaving her head without warning she will be dead to me.


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Photo Credit: Instagram