Sofia Richie Attends Her ‘Nip And Fab’ Launch In London

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brian-mcgee - November 14, 2017

Did you guys hear about this Nip and Fab? No, it's sadly not what you're thinking. I know, you see the word nip and you're already at half mast, but slow your roll. It turns out that Nip and Fab is a line of skin care creams and Sofia Richie attended the roll out in London with a long blazer, unzipped just enough to show off a solid third of her breasts.

Sofia must must be so happy that her sister Nicole blazed this trail ahead of her, you know where you're famous for being famous. It helps to have a dad who is famous and a sister who is famous if you want to be famous. It used to be a lot more difficult to become famous. You used to have to do things, but nowadays—thanks to pioneers like Nicole Richie and others—you can be famous simply for being famous. It's nice work if you can get it.

And just in case you were wondering, Sofia's not the only celeb touting a line of creams, don't forget about Rob Lowe's work with this outstanding product...

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA