Sir David Attenborough Narrates Pokemon Go (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - July 26, 2016

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When I was a kid I used to watch Sir David Attenborough's nature specials on PBS. He would calmly narrate the horrors of nature while you comfortably sat on your couch. He's easily the best nature show host of all time. His calm English voice taught generations of people about the world of animals. But there is a new frontier of animal that people are looking for out in the wilds of the world: Pokemon. That Pokemon Go has quickly become a huge waste of time/obsession of people all over the world. Grown ass people are stalking around their cities looking for these little anime critters. If only there was David Attenborough's calm voice to help people navigate this scary new landscape.

Luckily, there is this video that does just that. 

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