Sienna Miller in Prehab

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bill-swift - March 21, 2006

Sienna Miller's impending breakdown may have been put on hold for the timebeing. Sienna's older sister, Savannah, a fashion designer, has more or less demanded that Sienna come stay with her at her cottage by the sea in Cornwall reports The Daily Mirror.

A family friend tells us: "Savannah and Sienna have always been close, even though they are totally different people.

"Savannah is laid-back and not into any trendy London scene. She feels her sister has been caught up in a whirlwind of media attention ever since she and Jude Law broke up.

"Because Sienna has been racing around the world concentrating on her career, they haven't had any bonding time since they were in Mexico with their mother Jo at Christmas. So Savannah told Sienna in no uncertain terms that she was expected down in Cornwall.

"She wants Sienna to go for long walks, talk everything over and eat lots of hearty meals - and not spend all her time on her mobile to Jude and her actor pals in London.

"She has convinced her to switch off her phone and take it easy for a while. Sienna knows her big sis has her best interests at heart."

Well that definitely sounds like an intervention to me. But at least Sienna's family seems to have her best interests at heart, and they're not using her growing film career to validate their own lives, unlike some other Hollywood startlets (*COUGH* Lindsay *COUGH* Britney *COUGH* Paris *COUGH*).

On a somewhat related note, I was at a party Friday night where I saw a girl bearing a striking resemblance to Sienna Miller. Not really important, but I thought I'd mention it.

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