Sienna Miller: Hair Extensions and Slow News

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bill-swift - April 7, 2006

Man, today is a slow news day for celebrity news. There's nothing out there. Or at least nothing out there I care to write about. There has been some other news going on in the worlds of movies and television, but I'm saving that for something special...

But still, today there is nothing. And how do I know this, well, both The Mirror, and The Sun ran stories on Sienna Miller and her new hair extensions. That's right, hair extensions are news now.

I wasn't really going to write about this, even though you all know I have a certain fascination with Sienna, but it's a hair piece, so who really cares. But apparently people do. And did I mention the whole lack of news thing?

Check out more pictures of Sienna Miller getting her hair extensions put in, after the jump.

Thanks to Jared for the following pictures.