Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say vs. Sh*t Android Fanatics Say (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 27, 2012

The war behind Apple fanboys and Android fanatics is definitely one for the ages. While there are some people who like both operating systems, there are those who insist that the one they're using is superior--far superior--than the other.

That's where the arguments start, but that's also where the fun begins. Today we pit two hilarious videos against one another: Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say versus Sh*t Android Fanatics Say.

They're both hilarious and pretty much paint a pretty accurate picture of how stupid and annoying some people can get when they get on their soapbox and begin to recite just how good Apple or Android is. Check the video above to hear some common things you'll probably hear from an Apple lover. When you're done with that, hit the break to watch the Android fanatic video.

Who's worse? I'll leave that for you to decide.

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