Shawna Craig’s Tight, Toned Workout Body On The Beach

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elliot-wolf - June 20, 2018

Convenience is a blessing. And it looks like Shawna Craig loves convenience just as much as I do. Today must have been a day she forgot her beach body at home so she built another one right on the spot. At the beach. She must have eaten a motivation sandwich for breakfast because she whipped herself into an excellent shape that she should look into getting trademarked. An amazing body like hers is clearly a one of one and all others are just imitations. Shawna owns a silhouette that all others should aspire to be in possession of.

I could watch Shawna workout all morning. It would be an honor and my pleasure to be the man to get to hand her a towel. If she can dedicate herself to staying in shape during a trip to the shore, the least I can do is dedicate some of my time and support. Plus she’s nicer to look at than a sunset. And I can stare longer too without the worry of going blind. This solves a predicament I never knew I had. I would rather stare at Shawna than the sun going away for the day because she’s a much better sight.

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Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA