Sexy Celeb Battle Royale: Mesh Outfits Edition

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brian-mcgee - April 20, 2018

Everybody's crazy about mesh! Mesh used to be the stupid thing all the guidos in your high school wore, but now it's like super fashionable again. And do you know why it's so popular again? Because it shows off your lady parts while still technically qualifying as clothing. That's no small feat and many of the hottest women you can think of have made the look popular once more! Hooray for progress!

In my mind, mesh is still like a half shirt that they made you wear in gym class when you played flag football or some other degrading thing. So with such strong memories of degradation, why am I in love with mesh? Well, boobies is the simple answer. In fact, it's the only answer. Mesh lets us see boobies and that makes it more than alright in my book!

So rejoice, mesh aficionados. Your day has finally returned. You're no longer relegated to the shadows and back alleys of fashion culture. You're once more front and center for a revolution in style. One that heavily involves boobies. In fact, unless it involves boobies, mesh is still the devil. But we love you mesh, and we couldn't be happier that you're back!

Photo Credit: Splash News