Self Proclaimed Mrs. Irrelevant Wants her Man!

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bill-swift - May 2, 2012

Typically Mr. Irrelevant, the guy that is picked last in the NFL draft, gets a nifty little trophy of a guy fumbling the ball and a really fun little vacation to sunny Newport Beach in California. However, this year there was an additional prize attached to the dubious honor--an indecent proposal with this chick (comedian Brianne Berkson; great publicity, huh?).

Well, the draft has come and gone, Mr. Irrelevant has been named, Chandler Harnish now with the Indianapolis Colts. Just in case anyone was wondering, Ms. Berkson posted this video to make sure everyone (Chandler included) knew she was serious.

Okay Chandler. The ball is in your court. So what (or who) are you going to do?

Article by Travis Pulver