Selena Gomez See-Through Blessed Funbags in New York

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bill-swift - June 7, 2017

Whoa, my belusted Latina superstar and all around super hot small person, Selena Gomez baring her sweet teats beneath a barely there black top in New York. If not for the inclusion of that stupid Weeknd boyfriend who can't even spell his own name, this might be the happiest moment of my prurient life. If not the best moment of highlights of Today in Wank History.

Selena wore herself an outfit that lent itself to becoming completely ethereal upon any hint of flash bulb. Who knew you might encounter those when heading out to a concert with your famous boyfriend. Oops. I mean, mammarial magic. Selena has never opted to go for big like some of her peers, but pert and naturally delicious and summer ripe. 

I'm in the mood for lust, Selena. And you're the main ingredient. Let's you and I discuss the physical properties of sheer materials against strong front lighting while I massage your back and you teach me to say super naughty things in Spanish? Or just meow. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid