Selena Gomez Is Doing Great After Breakup With The Weeknd

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earl-jonas - October 31, 2017

We're getting word of some tragic and surprising news here at Egotastic as yet another celebrity couple seems to have called it quits. The latest victims of this rare occurrence are Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, who just broke up after dating for ten months. But don't go feeling too bad for these ill-fated lovers, because it seems that Gomez is doing just fine now that she's back on the market. The sassy starlet took her ever-growing melons for a bike ride with her assistant, and due to some wind, we get a little pokie action in addition to Gomez's all-around cuteness.  

Thanks to her recent kidney transplant, we know that Gomez is into body modification, and with her seemingly new bountiful bazoongas, the world is starting to wonder if the twenty-five-year-old Disney School of Sexiness alum has had some work done in the chesticle department. Whatever the case, I'm just glad she loves sharing the wealth of boobage, and you can partake in the fun by checking out the gallery below. 


Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram