Selena Gomez Bikini Candids On Her Super Yacht

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elliot-wolf - March 20, 2018

Sights don’t get much better than watching Selena Gomez sun bathe on her super yacht. I could stare all day. I had no idea that Selena fancied taking voyages with incredible views out on the open ocean. I’m no sailer but I know a thing or two about boats. Bass fishing professional here at her service. I can imagine being the captain of a yacht would be similar to when I assume the position of captain of my own dinghy while on the lake. She’ll have to let me aboard with all the experience that I have.

Gomez is an amazing girl. We wouldn't even need to bring a radio when we can be serenaded by her sweet sound in the middle of the sea. Selena and I will have an extraordinary cruise. The entire time will be filled with so many memorable moments and fun adventures. We can even pretend to be pirates and look for lost treasure. She can hide her love and I'll find out where it’s buried using my amazing sea man skills and deep conversation. And when I find her love I’ll make a map of how to get there, just incase it gets lost again.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA