Scrubba is Like a Portable (but Manual) Washing Machine

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bill-swift - August 17, 2013

You begin to miss the comforts of home if you're away often enough. Hot food, warm showers, clean clothes... They say you can't have it all, but sometimes you can still get the best of both worlds if you have the right gear with you.

Want hot food? Cook your grub over the bonfire. Want a warm shower? Heat some water and you're good to go. Want clean clothes? Then wash them on the go with Scrubba.

Scrubba is a handy wash bag that's got hundreds of nodules on the inside. First of all, fill the bag with soap and water and stuff your dirty laundry inside, too. Roll the whole thing, clip it, and deflate the bag. The next step involves 30 seconds to three minutes of extreme rubbing action. When you're done, take your newly-washed laundry out of the bag, rinse, and let dry. Quick, simple, and easy.

Washing clothes without a washing machine doesn't get any easier than this.

Get it: $64.95

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