Scout And Tallulah Willis Bare Midriffs In LA

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michael-garcia - August 18, 2016

Scout and Tallulah Willis were seen galavanting around LA in bare mid-riffs and cleavtastic tops. The two girls take after their mom, Demi Moore, thank God. Which means they are both packing some serious heat in the rack area. Neither sister wore a bra and why would they? I'm a feminist too and I say burn those bras. So they are both nipping through their tops. Scout had on a sports bra that showed a bit of bare mid-riff. She's in terrific shape and has a nicely toned stomach. Her sister Tallulah was sporting a bikini top that also gave us a view of her own lovely mid-riff. These sisters make me very happy. Rumer too.

It's hard to believe that Bruce Willis is the other half of the genetic soup that makes up these sisters. Although, he was considered a sex symbol in the 80's. It was a weird time for our country.  


Photo Credit: Splash