Scarlett Johansson is not a Muse’d

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bill-swift - January 3, 2006

Don't try to drop Scarlett Johansson into one of your little cliched categories, because she's not having any of it. Since starring in Woody Allen's last two films, Match Point and Scoop, Scarlett has been labelled Allen's muse, but she's not exactly thrilled about it, says the Mercury News.

I think that's kind of a nice little packaged thing that people can say when you work with somebody more than once, but... I think that I definitely inspired 'Scoop,' just because he didn't know me beforehand and wasn't gonna make that project, necessarily, last summer.

I don't feel any responsibility to live up to that or anything.

So, even though she's quick to claim credit, she doesn't want the pressure of being accountable for her work. I've always said that's the best way to go through life. Good job Scarlett!