Sarah Hyland Flips Off Camera In Bikini

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aldo-vallon - October 2, 2017

 I have always liked a girl with a bit of attitude, which is why I am willing to forgive those embarrassing dance moves. Without the appropriate music she looks like the worlds worst mime who has lost her glass box. She still does a better job than I would be able to do, so I will give her that much credit.

I have never understood the appeal of mimes. I have never had the desire to see one, I have never had the desire to be one. I guess we all have our hobbies, so if you can get yours to make some money then more power to you. I will try to withhold as much judgement as my naturally very judgmental personality can manage. I just have a hard time being impressed by a man struggling to pull an imaginary rope when it is so much more difficult to pull a real rope that has some weight on the other end. Like, those Worlds strongest Man competitions have my upmost respect. If I ever need a person to move my car 100 feet I know who I will be calling. And he won't be wearing face paint.  


Photo Credit: Instagram