Sarah Hyland Alluring Selfie Explosion on Instagram

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bill-swift - October 25, 2017

Sarah Hyland is back. With a sextastic vengeance. The once young actress always in the gossip rags complete with racy photos, disappeared for a while with bad personal relationship jou jou and who knows what else, but she disappeared almost completely from our Egotastic radar screens. That's a red flag warning of some kind.

Now, the petite vixen is remaking a name for herself with some red hot Instagram selfies with teasing angles and blessed amounts of skin, even if the Full Monty remains a distant dream. My dream at least, everybody has one. Naturally mine also involves the application of balms and lubricants to carefully marked areas, though I'm still guessing everybody has one of those involving Sarah Hyland.

All grow'd up is a big responsibility for a former teen actress turned adult TV star. There comes a big amount of responsibility. Sex tape scandal comes to mind. Or in the least, some very racy and topless magazine photos in foreign countries. It's not all daffodils and unicorns. Though those two things should be included as set dressing in the topless shoots. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram