Sara Sampaio Lingerie Booty Cheeks

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bill-swift - February 24, 2016

Today must be the day of wicked hot brunettes. What a day that would be. Following up in the caboose position with the absolutely perfect caboose herself is Portuguese born sextastic model Sara Sampaio showing off her thumper cheeks in little bits of lingerie for Beauty and Marlin.

Sara's risen the charts in her magazines pictorials and V.S. work and just generally being a smoking hot bodied female of the epically good looking variety. But her true strength certainly lies in her lingerie work. She was born to model silky little bits of lace and nothing more. We were born to ogle such women and imagine they were our prom dates ready to lose their virginity. Your fantasies may vary. But peek into the booty end of Sara and see if you're not inspired to dream very big. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beauty & Marlin

Sara is so hot sometimes I cry just trying to pronounce her last name.