Sandra Kubicka Hot Blue Bikini

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aldo-vallon - September 19, 2017

 Sandra Kubicka's swimsuit is so bright I would not be surprised if it was caused by bioluminescence. It is like when an angler fish uses that little lure on the top of their head to draw in its prey. I do not know what use a woman could have for me, but it is drawing me in regardless. I wonder if anglerfish have the same issue. They use that glowing orb in order to attract a specific thing they want to eat, but instead, they get stuck with a bunch of minnows pestering them that are not worth the effort to eat. Sandra probably throws that swimsuit on in an attempt to draw in a millionaire, but instead she gets swarmed by a bunch of broke beach bums like mosquitos. Well, I got bad news for Sandra, there is not a repellant known to man that is strong enough to keep men away from a woman that looks as good as her. Unless, of course, a positive pregnancy test counts as a repellant, because that might actually do it. Just the thought of child support is enough to make some men jump the border to Mexico. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid