Samantha Hoopes Cheeky Bikinis

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bill-swift - June 25, 2015

If you're going to sell swimsuits, you've got to have the right set of skills. Two in particular, left cheek and right cheek on one stellar booty. Samantha Hoopes brings that to the Pumeria pimping table along with a stellar hot bikini body and some faptastically alluring looks which all combined make for one epic bit of covered topless sales-womanship. I don't care what Samantha is selling, I'm buying.

Sex sells and sextastic women are the tip of the spear. How could you possibly not see these photos and think to yourself, damn, I'd like to look that fine in a swimsuit. Or for the guys, damn, it's a shame my girlfriend accidentally fell off that cliff and now I have to see if I can take Samantha Hoopes on a beach consolation to get over my loss. That is real power. Samantha, job very well done. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Plumeria