Russian Pop Star Nadeea Volianova Spilling Out Of Her Bikini

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brian-mcgee - December 8, 2017

Shockingly, I'm not up on the world of Russian pop stars, but I feel like I've been missing out by not having heard of Nadeea Volianova before right now. I couldn't care less if her music's any good or even what her music sounds like. Nadeea's got an edge—well, two edges—over the competish thanks to those glorious breasts of hers!

Now, I don't see myself going to a Nadeea Volianova concert or anything, though if she's one of these pop stars that's into multiple costume changes, I might change my mind. See the best thing about those singers who change seven or eight or a dozen times during a concert is that the risk of a wardrobe malfunction is increased substantially. I honestly feel like she might have a dedicated person backstage to make sure her bazooms fit in whatever outfit she's wearing next.

Talk about a dream job, can you imagine being the guy that gets to squeeze those melons a dozen times a night. I think I may have found my ideal job. I'm overqualified quite frankly and since we're all gonna be speaking Russian soon, I might as well get ahead of the curve. 

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram