Rosie Jones Models Sheer Lingerie

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bill-swift - December 11, 2015

I have mixed feelings about seeing our most sextastic glamour models actually modeling or appearing in clothing. Something about it just feels heretical in some manner. On the other hand, seeing Rosie Jones in sheer lingerie, something about that also feels so right and wonderful. Like Santa actually read my letter this year and said, you know what, why not give Naughty a reward finally.

Rosie Jones appears in a number of clothed modeling shots which hopefully is just a temporary diversion from her prime directive to show off her epic funbags, but a sultry and sort of 'what life might be like if you dated Rosie on the regular' look to her heavenly body appeal. I'm always up for a little foreplay, provided it's no more time than it takes to toast my bagel in the morning. That's typically my mark. Rosie, keep your day job and your night job, they're both working swell. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: IMM Models