Ron Burgundy Wants You to Buy a Dodge Durango

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bill-swift - October 8, 2013

The release Anchorman 2 may still be a few months away, but as we learned this summer from Star Trek and Superman—and, you know, pretty much every highly anticipated film since Star Wars—just because a movie hasn't been released yet, that doesn't mean it's not making money.

What am I talking about? Cross-promotional advertising, man. It's the bee's knees. And Will Ferrell and company have got it going on for Anchorman 2.

This weekend, for example, Dodge rolled out a series of commercials for the newly redesigned 2014 Dodge Durango written by Ferrel and writing partner Adam McKay and starring Ron Burgundy himself. Are they good? Well, they feature Burgundy mocking a horse for being weaker than a Durango; getting pissed off at the viewer for not believing the glove box will hold 70 packs of gum; and not having any clue what MPG means.

So yeah, they're good.

You may not want to buy a Dodge Durango, but I bet you can't wait for December 20, 2013, when Anchorman 2 hits theatres.

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