Romee Strijd Sextastic Lingerie For Victoria’s Secret

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bill-swift - May 25, 2016

You could create a roulette wheel with pictures of the entire stable of Victoria's Secret hotties and spin it for your date that evening and have absolutely no way of losing. My biggest dream is to end up in a room filled with V.S. Angels. My nightmare is they insist I declare who I find the hottest. Oh, the mental, emotional, and physical groin area suffering that would ensue from that gambit. It's the riddle of the Sphinx.

Names such as Romee Strijd would certainly be running through my mind. The more recent Dutch sextastic addition to the lingerie and swimsuit manufacturers lineup is simply one amazing dream girl. Seeing Romee model bras and panties and even less at times is an experience you'd not soon forget. It could turn boys into men and men into really super damn horny crazy men. That's the point I suppose, even though men buy very little female underwear on the whole, myself excluded, naturally. Romee, please step out of these photos and into my living room. I saved my favorite La-Z-Boy just for you. It's broken so it goes way back. I know. I am a naughty little monkey. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret