Rocky Barnes Purple Bikini Yoga Booty Perfection In Miami

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bill-swift - July 22, 2015

L.A. model and yoga and fitness mini-guru Rachel Barnes goes by Rocky Barnes which is fine by me, because when you look this good in a bikini, you can call yourself whatever you want and I'm only going to add it onto my request '...and now may I see you nekkid, please?'

Rocky was in Miami over the weekend filming a yoga workout video on the beach in a tight bikini over her perfectly fine female form. Just as the ancient yogis suggest. Well, the modern yogis of the ogling world in the least. That boobtastic and body and rather taut epic booty in purple seems more than regally inclined. Naturally, the squeeze test would be in order before declaring perfection. If it's good enough for cantaloupes it's good enough for Rocky's killer hiney. Though cantaloupes don't usually punch in the face for determining their freshness. Such are the inexplicable inequalities of life. Rocky, sign me up for four copies of whatever you're selling. I feel a need to watch your videos on repeat with the shades down to get my full workout in. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet