Rita Ora’s Sports Bra Funbag Peeks on Instagram

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bill-swift - November 10, 2017

Rita Ora treated the world to a series of her sports bra and funbag highlighting shot on her social media account. Rita understands above all else from whence her popularity and power comes from. And it's not from the kids whistling her catchy tunes. In fact, nobody can whistle any of them. However, a half decent gentleman ogler can trace her body down to the half inch in terms of her stellar sweet lady curves. These photos only further help in that regard.

There was a time when Rita Ora was discussed as a pop diva, but now it's largely model and it's most definitely hot. Rita builds her Instagram account following by tossing out these wicked alluring photos on the regular, causing men to leer and women to probably leer too. Or simply wish they had Rita's body, though not necessarily to cover in honey and play naughty bumble bee as I'm imagining now. Blame the photos. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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