Rita Ora Sexy Red Dress In London

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jake-roach - July 11, 2017

Rita Ora is at it again. I can't tell if that dress is falling off of you or not, but frankly, I don't care. In fact, I hope it does. The 26-year-old British singer and actress made an appearance at the Cartier bash in London on Monday night. What she wore is what's really interesting, though. Having your boobs popping out makes so sort of fashion statement. Don't get me wrong though, that's a statement I can get behind. These young celebs are all about not wearing bras and I am all for it. I need constant reassurance that unholstered cleavage is still relevant. 

I don't really keep up with her music, but apparently, Ora released her first single in almost two years back in May. It's been awhile. As long as she keeps showing up in those dresses though, I'll wait as long as I need to. Or maybe just move to London. Braless and beautiful, Rita never lets me down. She just lets her dress down.

Photo Credit: Splash News