Reese Witherspoon Spandex Jog In Brentwood

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bill-swift - December 12, 2015

Only three things are inevitable in life. The only one that matters is Reese Witherspoon will be traipsing through the streets of Brentwood in the mornings on her Spandex laden jogs. Very few of the celebrity sex jog anymore. Kind of a bygone form of exercise what with the spinning classes and yoga and pilates and cryo-freezing going on. It's quite the blessing than that this blonde minx keeps on pulling on the skin tight stretchy gear and hitting the public boulevards.

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Reese does go double lycra at time  to contain her heaving bosom when bouncing along her running route. But we can use our imagination. Hot sweaty blonde thespianic goodness. I feel a cramp coming on. I need to cut back on my ogling routine perhaps. I'm not a kid anymore. Neither is Reese, though she looks much better. Run, Reese, Run. It's keeping me fit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet