Re:Beat–Because It’s Really Not Creepy At All to Send Someone Your Heartbeat

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bill-swift - February 15, 2013

Some people cut their hair and stuff it into a locket to give to their special someone. Others take raunchy nekkid pictures and send them to their significant other for a little mid-day treat when they're in the mood. But some people (no doubt, the weird ones) believe that the way to someone's heart is, well, through their heart.

And they're sending out their heartbeats to spread the love.

Well, a recording of their heartbeats, anyway. That's what this app called Re:Beat does. Notice that it's like an alliteration to 'ribbit', you know, the noise frogs make when they're feeling frisky and want to go looking for a mate. Or in other words, when they're feeling a lot like you will be feeling tonight, especially if you'll be all by your lonesome.

Re:Beat harnesses your iPhone's camera to record the pulse on your finger. An animation of your heartbeat (or rather, fingerbeat) is generated, which can then be sent via text, Facebook, or Twitter.

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