Real Rock Key Holder for Your Man Cave

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bill-swift - December 4, 2013

People hide their keys in inconspicuous areas near the front door all the time. Under the potted plant, under the mat, on the door's ledge, under the third rock by the pathway, in the crack by the window sill... The list goes on and on. Just because actually do it doesn't mean it's a safe or smart thing to do. If they complain that they've been robbed, then they don't have my pity.

What would be smart is to hide your key in this Real Rock Key Holder. They're formed from actual ball-sized rocks that have been drilled and fitted with a removable rubber plug. These babies have got the stealth part covered as they blend in with other rocks on the ground. 

Just take extra care in making sure that it's out of the path, because you wouldn't want anyone stumbling onto your secret now, would you? Especially crooks and burglars.

Get It: $29

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