Rachel Fenton and Zara Holland Sexy Figures At Awards Party

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elliot-wolf - January 24, 2018

Rachel Fenton and Zara Holland are two of my favorite women to watch on the boob tube. In fact these women are so attractive I consider upgrading my television at least twice a day to 8K resolution just so I can fully appreciate every curve and crevasse handcrafted by the man upstairs. Rachel and Zara are both physical proof that a there’s a higher power out there. If you weren't sure before their bodies are a reason to believe. That beauty was no big bang accident. I may be nothing but a tiny blip on the universe’s radar but my heart is ever expanding over the thought of these two women. 

If I were stuck on an island and only allowed to bring one thing with me it would be either Rachel’s or Zara’s love in a bottle. It would be all I need to keep warm at night when the wind of loneliness blows past me sitting alone under a palm tree. I have nothing but happiness for the pair as they look absolutely stunning at the awards party. Even if they aren’t awarded anything else for the remainder of the year they’re welcome to claim my heart as the grand prize. 


Photo Credit: Splash News