Oppa-tastic PSY Flash Drive Lets You Store Data the Gangnam Way

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bill-swift - November 2, 2012

PSY's Gangnam Style was fun. Up until about a month ago, that is, when it began playing endlessly on TV, radios, and everyone else's iPads. It's currently the third most watched video on YouTube no thanks to all the suckers who are watching it every day and posting their own parody dance videos to the viral hit.

I'm sure we've all had enough of PSY to last us a lifetime. But while I'm done being amused by PSY's weird, horsey dance from his music video, I actually found this little PSY-inspired USB drive pretty darn amusing.

More about the PSY flash drive and a sexy Gangnam Style dance video by the girls of Waveya, after the jump!

As you can see, the silicone-coated drive is forged in the image and likeness of PSY. He's not doing his signature dance move, but he's obviously still in a dancing mood with his usual dark shades covering his eyes.

These PSY Gangnam Style flash drives are available online from USBGeek from $17 to $35, depending on the storage capacity you get. They're available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB sizes.

PS. I came across this video of the Waveya girls dancing to PSY's hit on YouTube while reading all about the USB drives. No connection between both, I know, but aren't you glad I found this video for you at the end of it all? Enjoy!

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