Preeya Kalidas Pictures Are Hardly Expendable

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bill-swift - August 10, 2010

I was pouring through photos from the premiere of The Expendables, that film where they're bringing back all the geriatric action heroes who blew all their career dough on women or booze or pretending to be governor; pretty ho hum, until I came across Preeya Kalidas, who I'd not really seen since her teen girl role in Bend It Like Beckham. My, she's grown up nicely. I guess she's a TV actress now, and a singer (because, in the modern media world, if you're hot and you're on TV, you also have an album coming out), but she looks pretty darn sexy to me. In the least, I'd like to be the guy who gets to paint her back before she goes out.

Welcome to Egotastic!, Preeya Kalidas.

Photo credit: Splash News