Pole Dancing Robots?

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michael-garcia - September 6, 2016



I've warned all of you before about how one day the machines will rise up and kill us all. Of all the apocalyptic scenarios it is the most likely. It's already starting. We are so connected to our iPhones and Google and computers. Factory workers have been put out of work by robots that will do the same job and you don't have to pay them. But if there is one job that is robot proof it's strippers, right? Wrong. In Germany some wackos created stripperbots. Tess and Lexy are the worlds first robotic strippers. Why these German scientists thought that this was needed is beyond me. The two bots gyrate and rub their non-existent junk on a pole.

It's just like the real thing only it's in no way like the real thing. I shudder to think what happens in the champagne room...

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