Phoebe Price Hangs Cleavage in Hollywood

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aldo-vallon - September 28, 2017

 There is so much going on in this photo that my mind is having a hard time deciding on what to focus on first. Because of that I am risking having a seizure that could take my life. Naturally my eyes are drawn to what would be considered Phoebe Price's greatest assets. I am not even sure if what this photo is showing can be considered cleavage anymore. It is like her boobs have transcended to another level. It is like she has stalactites growing off her chest that will only be getting bigger with age. I am going to start calling them stalactits, for lack of a better word. 

What is going on with the puffball on top of her hat? I thought that as a society we all agreed puffballs can only go on stocking caps and to be worn only during winter. The only people I knew of to snub their nose at our conventions were those kids from South Park, Colorado, but it is to be expected from a bunch of delinquents such as them. But now it appears they have company. I guess this is what we get for letting a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News