Phoebe Price Goes Unnoticed at Cook-Off So She Strips Off Her Clothes to Her Bikini

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bill-swift - September 5, 2012

After all these years, we're still not really sure what it is Phoebe Price does exactly, but we do know this, she loves attention.

The big Malibu Chili Cook-Off took place on Labor Day and was jam-packed with A-list and B-list and C-list celebrities, so when Phoebe Price showed up in some get-up designed to be noticed, she felt rather underserved by the photo-snapping denizen. So, she reflexively started stripping down to her bikini and threw herself into the ocean, well, pretty much. It was truly a sight for attention-seeking sore eyes.

Please, look at Phoebe, or she might die. Enjoy.