Phoebe Price Bikini Rollerblading In Venice

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bill-swift - November 21, 2015

When in doubt, strap on some roller skates. Showboating attention seeking but ultimately fun veteran exhibitionist Phoebe Price put on her bikini and roller blades for a little girlish display of teasing time in Venice along the boardwalk where you are certain to find the paparazzi ready to snap away.

Somehow in 2015, Phoebe is still falling down with her booty in the air when riding her skates. You may think it's time for Phoebe to hang up the wheels, but as for me, I applaud the ladies in bikinis into their veteran years still getting silly and showing off. I'm an absolutist when it come to telling the ladies to take their clothes off, not put more on. As for now, skate away, sophomoric ladies. The bikinis are still fitting and the kneepads still effective. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews