Petra Nemcova Makes Paris Hilton Jealous

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bill-swift - July 7, 2006

Petra Nemcova better keep an eye on her new boyfriend, British singer James Blunt. While in London to promote her new CD (shudder) Paris Hilton made a point of seeing Blunt in concert and had dinner with him too. When asked what she thought of him, Hilton naturally replied "he's hot!" reports Digital Spy.

He is so hot! I love James. We went out for dinner on Friday night and had a blast. I love London and getting to hang out with James here is awesome. He's a great guy.

Of course, no rational human being would ever choose Paris Hilton over Petra Nemcova, but those crazy celebrities have been known to do some stupid things. Remember Hugh Grant? If blunt knows what's good for him, he'll stick with Petra Nemcova. Not only is she crazy beautiful, but Petra probably doesn't have Herpes.